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EP20: The Intersection of Technology and Philosophy

If Apple represents the intersection between technology and liberal arts, then this episode is the intersection of technology, philosophy and recognizing personal bias. We started talking about all the extreme reactions related to Apple throttling older devices with degraded batteries, and end up reflecting on then, and even our own reactions.

New Year Weekend

In this section, we recommend the content that we liked most this week. It may not be new, and have a range of formats, the only thing that matters is that it managed to distinguish itself from everything else we heard, read or viewed in the past week.

Non-disclosure Admission

By now everyone on this tiny blue spec already knows about Apple "being caught in the act" on slowing down iPhone older models. But how much nuance is there in the news and how much truth is there in Apple claims of why it is doing what it says? A lot of this is just plain bad reporting and lack of unbiased headline work but let's not get too much ahead of our selfs. Jump in and join us in figuring it out.