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EP22: Doing a Marco

Do you have doubts? We recorded an episode dedicated to making decisions and avoiding buyers regrets. We talk about it in context with Apple products and purchasing decisions. Accidentally it's all audio related because we always have to mention the AirPods, and also chatted briefly about the HomePod. To finalize a podcast episode about sound, what could be more appropriate than dedicating a few words to two of the best podcast players available for iOS. 

Luminous Weekend

In this section, we recommend the content that we liked most this week. It may not be new, and have a range of formats, the only thing that matters is that it managed to distinguish itself from everything else we heard, read or viewed in the past week.

EP21: I'm Just a Voice

It's time for the Apple HomePod preview, and boy do we have speculation for you. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the HomePod from our perspective and what evolution can we reasonably expect in the future. Because we really can't see it evolving into the past, it's a physics thing.  Since we are talking of a speaker with a virtual assistant, we complain about Siri and try to tell Apple what to do, because, of course, we know better! We don't, but we do have some expectations and hopefully some reasonable opinions.