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Another One Bites the Dust

In episode 10 of the TSP, Diogo and I talked about organizing information on our computers. He's an organized guy, and I am a bit messy, so unsurprisingly we use different tools and have opposing views on how an ideal system should work. 

...Goodbye Atlas Recall, I wish things have turned out differently...

Sustainable Software: A User Perspective

On the first few years, the app store seemed like a boom for the independent developer with multiple stories of an individual or small teams making a comfortable living and some with outright mega hits. In those days most apps had a low upfront price and sustained their continuing development with the constant flow of new users arriving at the app store as the iPhone smashed sales records and became the most recognizable smartphone in the world.

Great Expectations

Unread is one of the best RSS readers in the App Store and was recently sold by Supertop to Golden hill software. I hope this transition will benefit users and Unread's new owner, however, in my personal experience it's not a likely outcome. To understand my pessimistic view, I will try to tell Unread's story.