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The NEXT Mac Pro

There seems to be a lot of voices asking for some updated version of the 2006 Mac Pro, but Apple isn't the type of company that looks back. It was a good design 12 years ago, one can argue that it still is now, but after the 2013 failed redesign a retreat to a safe configuration does not feel like the Apple way.

Luminous Weekend

In this section, we recommend the content that we liked most this week. It may not be new, and have a range of formats, the only thing that matters is that it managed to distinguish itself from everything else we heard, read or viewed in the past week.

Apple AirPods Review Teaser

This is our first video review, the teaser will be followed by a full review of the Apple AirPods in the coming weeks. Please follow us on Youtube and at, where you can find articles, news and the Toothy Saber Podcast. Give it a try!

Sustainable Software: A User Perspective

On the first few years, the app store seemed like a boom for the independent developer with multiple stories of an individual or small teams making a comfortable living and some with outright mega hits. In those days most apps had a low upfront price and sustained their continuing development with the constant flow of new users arriving at the app store as the iPhone smashed sales records and became the most recognizable smartphone in the world.