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EP22: Doing a Marco

Do you have doubts? We recorded an episode dedicated to making decisions and avoiding buyers regrets. We talk about it in context with Apple products and purchasing decisions. Accidentally it's all audio related because we always have to mention the AirPods, and also chatted briefly about the HomePod. To finalize a podcast episode about sound, what could be more appropriate than dedicating a few words to two of the best podcast players available for iOS. 

Apple AirPods Review Teaser

This is our first video review, the teaser will be followed by a full review of the Apple AirPods in the coming weeks. Please follow us on Youtube and at, where you can find articles, news and the Toothy Saber Podcast. Give it a try!

EP02: AirPods Are Now the iPodAir

In keeping with our tradition of confusing names and saying silly things without noticing, we talk about the new MacBook Pro relative and absolute cost, Diogo's refusal to jump ship to a Windows machine and my satisfaction with the AirPods while trying to convince him to choose the PowerBeats instead.