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EP26: The Unexpected iPad Competitor

Some say that the TSP is different, others that the hosts are having a midlife crisis. All we know is that none of them is the Stig. This is another conversation on buying decisions or maybe I should say purchase rationalisation. What can we say, "things they are a changin".

EP25: Here We Go Again

It's not a goodbye, but changes are coming. We had some time to reflect on the WWDC keynote and have a few thoughts to share with you. As always, we hope you enjoy this episode, and we apologize for the subpar audio quality of this one.

Special Edition: Let's Get Physical

We have a guest with us to talk about wearable technology and its applications on health and fitness. She has a Ph.D. in physical education and is a researcher on wearables and sports performance. We have some good news and some bad news, but more importantly, what we hope is an exciting and informative conversation.

EP24: Too Much of a Good Thing

If this was our last show, I think it would be a proper goodbye. There is a lot of Bromance, and that's all I'm going to say about that. We talk about the iPhone SE, its trade-offs and the possibility of an update. What was the probable reasoning behind the first one and why would Apple release a second Special Edition iPhone. The A11 Bionic is almost a gaming console SoC as shown by the game fortnight, but I'm still playing Altos Odyssey. To end the show, we share some personal experiences with several iPhone cases.

EP23: How to Choose Your iPhone

I wanted to call this episode natural selection, but the biologist in me didn't like misusing the definition. Our last episode was about making choices, and now we are going to help you choose an iPhone. We can't just tell you what to buy, so you will have to collaborate with us to make a decision. 

EP22: Doing a Marco

Do you have doubts? We recorded an episode dedicated to making decisions and avoiding buyers regrets. We talk about it in context with Apple products and purchasing decisions. Accidentally it's all audio related because we always have to mention the AirPods, and also chatted briefly about the HomePod. To finalize a podcast episode about sound, what could be more appropriate than dedicating a few words to two of the best podcast players available for iOS. 

EP21: I'm Just a Voice

It's time for the Apple HomePod preview, and boy do we have speculation for you. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the HomePod from our perspective and what evolution can we reasonably expect in the future. Because we really can't see it evolving into the past, it's a physics thing.  Since we are talking of a speaker with a virtual assistant, we complain about Siri and try to tell Apple what to do, because, of course, we know better! We don't, but we do have some expectations and hopefully some reasonable opinions.

Special Edition: Alpine White

DJI launched a new drone, and we took advantage of the occasion to talk about the company. Diogo uses a drone regularly for fun and profit, and he shared is experience and personal opinion on what it's like using a quadcopter for video and photography. He also talks about the state of the industry, and we get a rundown of several DJI models. Get ready to fly.

Experimental Edition: This is Us

Reflexions on our podcast, how it started and how we feel about it now. It´s the real story, not the simple version we usually give. From there we have a conversation that we would typically not publish on the podcast. We talk about our life, friendship, expectations, fears, disappointments and even our pets. It´s not the Toothy Saber Podcast. It's just us,...

EP20: The Intersection of Technology and Philosophy

If Apple represents the intersection between technology and liberal arts, then this episode is the intersection of technology, philosophy and recognizing personal bias. We started talking about all the extreme reactions related to Apple throttling older devices with degraded batteries, and end up reflecting on then, and even our own reactions.

EP19: It's Not for You

Diogo has updated his audio setup, but he may not get the chance to role play Batman for the kids. Apple degraded the performance of iPhones with batteries issues, and some customers are not happy. The iMac pro is available and its fast, very fast. And more...

EP18: On Your Left

The inside story on the Toothy Saber AirPods review. How we did it, dealt with equipment restrictions and lessons learned. Diogo also has brand new AirPods and compares them to the Beats X. Chrismas is coming, and Diogo is going to be Batman to entertain the kids in the hospital, or so he says.

"Só Mais Uma Coisa" SMUC Podcast

If you're a frequent Toothy Saber Podcast listener but would love for it to be in Portuguese, well we've got some great news for you. Don't worry Toothy Saber isn't going anywhere, but we've made a TSP spinoff that we affectionally call "Só Mais Uma Coisa", or SMUC Podcast for short.

EP16: Quantum Leap

Diogo's iPhone 6S has some iOS 11 woes, but my SE is performing well. On the topic of iOS 11, the new notification and control center improved my user experience on the iPhone considerably, but I'm missing the 3D touch and haptic feedback. How I started using Opera to run away from IE but converted to Firefox in 2004...To wrap up the episode, we talk about a new G series Canon, and according to Diogo, the only flaw is the price

EP15: It Has Ears

The iPhone X is available, and the first reviews are out. In this episode, we focus on some of the elements that make this iPhone special and reflect on what they mean for users and the future of the iPhone.