Heuristic Weekend

Heuristic Weekend

In this section, we recommend the content that we liked most this week. It may not be new, and have a range of formats, the only thing that matters is that it managed to distinguish itself from everything else we heard, read or viewed in the past week.

The iPhone X is still making it into most of the industry headlines, albeit, not always for the best reasons. There have been the odd cases of display issues and Face ID hacking claims. On a more brighter note more thorough analysis of the iPhone X have revealed what experts are calling "the best mobile device display yet", a particularly impressive achievement, given how much in common the new iPhone X OLED display architecture probably shares with Samsung AMOLED technology. The world of silicon and transistors was still recovering from Intel's "CPU with integrated discrete AMD GPU" bombshell and another mouth opening news revealed that Intel is planning on building discrete GPUs. Don't blink yet, after the departure of AMD chief GPU architect (also the former director of graphics technology at Apple) we also learned that he's heading to Intel, in an effort to accelerate Intel GPU plans (bad pun intended).

Intel to Develop Discrete GPUs, Hires Raja Koduri as Chief Architect & Senior VP

Starting from the top and following yesterday's formal resignation from AMD, Raja Koduri has jumped ship to Intel, where he will be serving as a Senior VP for the company, overseeing the new Core and Visual Computing group.

Overcast, one of our all-time favorite podcast apps for iOS has received a comprehensive update to support iPhone X and more iOS 11 specific enhancements. From the hands of developer extraordinaire Marco Arment, Overcast has now reached version 4.0, optimized for the iPhone X, support for drag-and-drop, stacked design and a list of "Nitpicky Details" for nitpicky users like ourselves. Give it a try if you don't use it already since it's freemium implementation is perhaps one of the best implementations so far and if you decide to support its development the premium in-app subscription is well worth the price.

Overcast updated to version 4.0: iPhone X support, UI changes, and more - The Sweet Setup

Overcast 4.0, our favorite podcast client for iOS was updated to version 4.0 last week, bringing support for the iPhone X, some UI tweaks, drag and drop support, and some new advanced settings that enable users to fine-tune how Overcast operates.

A security research team has announced this week that they have been successful to break Face ID security system on the iPhone X, using a $150 custom-made mask of the registered user in an attempt to trick the system into unlocking the phone.  Besides the fact that even if true, you would still be required to make an advanced detailed 3D mask of the user, Ars Technica is adamant that the researcher's claims don't survive simple questions and scrutiny. Wired magazine did a similar test and spent thousands of dollars in advanced masks and failed. Follow the story to find out more.

Hackers say they broke Apple's Face ID. Here's why we're not convinced

Security researchers say they used a $150 mask to break the Face ID facial recognition that locks Apple's new iPhone X. The work may be a significant, it may be little more a stunt with few real-world consequences, or it could possibly be something in the middle.

This podcast has two stories, and they are both interesting, but my recommendation is for the first one and lasts 16 minutes. It's a story about a scientist that chose his career because has a kid he wanted to be a superhero. I suspect he still wants to be one now but as a 37-year-old who still looks up to Captain America and Superman, I can't judge. So this guy explains how the X-Men inspired in to study biology and genetics until he left the laboratory to became Ant-Man.

This story is about a couple that decides to raise their daughter in a neutral gender way and the challenges they faced. I listened to this episode because it was in my queue and I didn't read the description. I would have skipped if I knew the topic in advance and I'm happy I listened to it.

This week on Hidden Brain, the story of a couple and the challenges they faced in trying to shield their child from gender stereotypes. And we meet their daughter, now sixteen years old, to hear her take on how she was raised.

Marco Arment is known in the Apple community because of his iOS APPs, podcasts, and strong opinions. Occasionally he also writes in his blog and frequently the ripple effect is more significant than one could expect. But this is the Apple world, and anytime someone complains the message is amplified and occasionally distorted. I don't think this post will be a source of contention but elicits some reflection on the recent MacBook evolution whether you agree or not.

"Só Mais Uma Coisa" SMUC Podcast

"Só Mais Uma Coisa" SMUC Podcast

Welcome to Macintosh

Welcome to Macintosh