All in Podcast

EP11: Spoiler, We Were Wrong

Why Jeff Cannata is right, and you should not watch trailers before the movie, except for Suicide Squad, Prometheus and Alien Covenant. For these, you should only watch the trailer. And of course lots of predictions on the 2017 September Apple Keynote (recorded before the leaks).

EP10: Organizational Blues

Now you can see how our minds work because we take a look at file management, or in my case the lack of it. Diogo and I talk about file organization preferences, directories, tags, and how acceptable it is to use your desktop for temporary or permanent storage.

EP09: We´re Not Married

Some popular apps like Ulysses and One Password are changing business models, and we couldn't resist talking about software monetization one more time. Technically Diogo could resist, but sometimes friendship comes with a price.

Special Edition: The Rise and Fall

This episode is all about SEGA, so get ready for some deep cuts. I don't know much about consoles in general so we have a special guest that knows this stuff and, can speak proper English. We get shamed on this one while we cover most of SEGA hardware history and arguably some of its best games.

EP08: Looks Like a Distressed Turtle

Our take on Apple peripherals. We try to argue that the Magic Mouse shouldn't support gestures and that using a mouse a trackpad and a keyboard simultaneously makes more sense. Then we get lost on the rabbit hole of other mice and accessories like Thunderbolt peripherals.

EP03: The Lost Episode

Derailed by a bad Internet connection and lost audio, we have a long pre-show talk and the most meandering conversation yet. We had fun and hope you will too. We cover topics like how we listen to podcasts, why we changed the podcast name, the history of macOS X names and our suggestions. Diogo brags about his climbing skills, we tell the awesome story of the Mac Mini Macro and getting lost with Apple Maps.

EP02: AirPods Are Now the iPodAir

In keeping with our tradition of confusing names and saying silly things without noticing, we talk about the new MacBook Pro relative and absolute cost, Diogo's refusal to jump ship to a Windows machine and my satisfaction with the AirPods while trying to convince him to choose the PowerBeats instead.